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H2Oi 2021  (un official)

The East Coast's Premier Annual Tuner Event That Will Definitely Not Be Coming Back To Ocean City, Maryland This Year!


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ATTENTION: Modified Cars Are Highly Illegal, Dangerous, And Permanently Banned From OC, MD

Don't you even think about bringing out that project car you've been working on all year... OCPD is just waiting to tow your $200,000 sports car for having windows that are too dark, tires that are too sticky, or a turbo that is way too big! They are serious this year, so don't even thinking about coming down to Ocean City, MD with your boosted POS in September 2021!

H20I Any Car Meet: Ocean City, Maryland September 25, 2021

Is officially, hereby, CANCELED! (lol)

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  • Hella Burnouts

  • Tons Of Fast Cars

  • Loud Noises

  • See Somebody Get Arrested

What Are Local Ocean City Residents Saying?

Check out what these year-round OCMD residents have to say about the East Coast's annual mega-meet:

Jennel Mensah

Local Resident

"I wish these knucklheads would get these illegal cars off of the streets! Its impossible to sleep with constant sound of peeling tires, and the smell of burnt rubber! Every year, its like the police sirens just don't stop for a week straight! These 

Wendy May

Ocean City Native

"Just go the f#%k home, ok? I am so tired of these juveniles terrorizing our beautiful beach community! Even though the economy has been totally devastated by covid, it would be a real shame if several hundred thousand people come back to our town with their modified cars, and  spent a bunch of money for a week straight..."


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Step #1

  • Select car, Select Date

  • Step #2

  • Brave Rt. 50 and all of the State Troopers

  • Step #3

    • Send it! Show off your car in OCMD!

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    Fuck around and get locked up...

    30 Days Guarantee

    Jail time for dumbasses who drive drunk...


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